Shiny Legendary Birds Are Coming to “Pokémon Sword & Shield”

Shiny versions of legendary birds are coming Pokémon Sword and Shield this spring – find out how to catch them all below.

The Pokémon Company has revealed that it will soon be offering players the chance to get their hands on Shiny Articuno (February), Zapdos (March), and Moltres (April) as rewards for participating in their upcoming International Challenge events.

To qualify for a Shiny Bird, players will need to register for each event and then enter a battle during the battle period – dates can be found below (via Serebii).

Shiny Galarian Articuno – International Challenge 2022 February
Event Registration: February 3-17
Event Battle Period: February 18-20

Shiny Galarian Zapdos – International Challenge Walk 2022
Event registration: February 24 to March 10
Event Battle Period: March 11-13

Shiny Galarian Moltres – International Challenge 2022 April
Registration for the event: from March 31 to April 14
Event Battle Period: April 15-17

International Challenges can be found under the VS menu in Pokémon Sword and Shield, under the Online Competitions menu. As of now, specific details about competitions such as rules or restricted Pokémon have not been shared.

Before the official release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus At the end of the month (January 28), earlier this week Nintendo shared a new trailer revealing some more details about the game.

The minute-long trailer showcases a brief look at the game, from Pokémon roaming free and engaging in battles to collecting the materials needed to craft essential items like Pokéballs.

The Pokémon Company has kept many details about Pokemon Arceus secret, but last year he confirmed that the game would not be a fully open-ended experience.

In other news, a series of Bithell Games job postings hint at the studio’s next title, with founder Mike Bithell describing it as “something ambitious.”

The company is currently recruiting 9 new employees, and other positions will follow.

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