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The Shenzhen Commodity Fair at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry has attracted huge interest from potential buyers across the UAE as it aims to build new bridges between public sector players and private between China and the United Arab Emirates.

The three-day event, which opened on January 11, was co-hosted by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT).

Hamad Buamim, President and CEO of the Dubai Chamber, said the strong turnout for Shenzhen Day is a positive indicator of the growing interest from government entities and businesses in Dubai and Shenzhen who wish to explore new avenues of economic cooperation.

“As innovation leaders, Dubai and Shenzhen would benefit from expanding their cooperation and knowledge sharing in new fields and areas such as high-tech equipment manufacturing, research and development, green medicine and low-carbon, biological medicine, digital economy and marine economy,” added Bouamim.

The opening ceremony of the Shenzhen Commodity Fair was attended by high-level dignitaries and guests from China and the United Arab Emirates. Over 60 Shenzhen-based companies specializing in life and health, consumer electronics and smart security exhibited over 350 high-tech products and technologies.

The hybrid event held at the Dubai Chambers headquarters in Dubai brought together government officials and entrepreneurs from Dubai and Shenzhen, China. In addition, more than 300 actors from the public and private sectors attended the launch event, which was broadcast live in both countries.

Addressing the participants in a special video message, Ali Obaid Al Dhaheri, UAE Ambassador to China, UAE Embassy in Beijing spoke about the close commercial and cultural ties shared by the UAE and China and underscored the importance of Expo 2020 Dubai and Shenzhen Commodity Fair as a key factor and catalyst that will further strengthen the countries’ comprehensive strategic partnership.

Abdulla Al Basti, Secretary General of the Executive Council, also explained the economic ties between the UAE and China and noted that trade between the two countries reached $49 billion in 2020, while the value of trade in Dubai -Shenzhen reached more than $1 billion, adding that he expects bilateral trade to grow in coming years following announcements made last year by Shenzhen companies to establish operations in the Dubai market.

Shen Feng Zhang, chief representative of the Chinese government at EXPO 2020 and vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, described Shenzhen and Dubai as “friendship cities” and noted that the Chinese city uses Shenzhen Day as a platform to hold a series of economic, trade and cultural exchange activities.

MIE Events is proud to have partnered with Dubai Chamber and CCPIT – Shenzhen to manage the event, and with a remarkable opening day, buyers from the UAE were delighted to discuss genuine hybrid business directly with Shenzhen partners and live via the MeetBy meeting platform integrated into the event. .

With MeetBy System, exhibitors and visitors can easily connect, interact and conduct business discussions virtually from the comfort of their home or office.

As the global pandemic continues to challenge global commerce on many levels, the Shenzhen Tech Fair is an ideal showcase for a hybrid event business platform to be part of future projects that connect business partners from all major source markets.

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