Sennheiser PRO Audio Launches Professional Headphone- HD400 PRO

Audio specialist Sennheiser is launching a new pair of professional headphones for mixing, editing and mastering. The HD 400 PRO Studio Reference Headphones are an ideal companion for creators looking for natural and precise sound reproduction to accurately assess their audio mixes. To facilitate long sessions, the HD 400 PRO features a comfortable and lightweight open-back design fitted with soft velor ear pads. The unit includes detachable coiled and straight cables, allowing the headset to adapt to different user preferences.

The HD 400 PRO features a wide frequency response from 6 to 38,000 hertz to give music producers the full count of their mix. The 120 ohm transducers developed by Sennheiser feature a diaphragm made from a special blend of polymers, which, with powerful driver magnets, produces deeper, yet totally clear and well-defined bass. Distortion is less than 0.05% (measured at 1 kHz, 90 dB SPL).

The HD 400 PRO accurately reproduces audio beyond the audible frequency range, giving you unlimited access to the harmonics and nuanced ambiance of your music, while revealing bold, articulate bass.

Designed for space

The HD 400 PRO’s headphone transducers are angled slightly, carefully recreating the optimal triangular listening position you would place yourself in when listening to monitor speakers in a recording studio. Additionally, the HD 400 PRO’s open-back design ensures natural sound propagation, without being hampered by the acoustic structures required in closed-back designs. Both aspects create a wide and spacious soundstage that is neutral and transparent, allowing audio producers to work with confidence knowing that their final mix is ​​transferred with precision to listeners.

Sennheiser PRO Audio launches professional headphones - HD400 PRO

Designed for comfort

The HD 400 PRO headphones offer high comfort that prolongs creativity. A carefully designed ultralight frame positions the ear cups in place, gently squeezing the ears with minimal pressure. Soft velor ear cushions allow users to focus on projects for hours on end, while the open circumaural design provides enough ventilation to keep ears cool, even during long mixing sessions.

Sennheiser PRO Audio launches professional headphones - HD400 PRO

Part of Dear Reality monitoring plugins

The HD 400 PRO can be used with Dear Reality’s headphone monitoring plug-ins, which create a virtual mixing room with carefully designed acoustics using advanced spatial audio technology. The headset has already been integrated with the Spatial Headphone Compensation function in the VR MIX; The dearVR MONITOR integration will be released by the end of this year.

The HD 400 PRO is available now and costs US $ 250 + tax. The headphones come with a 3 meter coiled cable and a 1.8 meter straight cable, both equipped with a 3.5 mm (1/8 “) jack socket for portable sources. A 6.3 mm adapter (1/4 “) is included, ensuring that the HD 400 PRO connects to your mixer or audio interface.

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