Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese continue campaigns; PM stumbles on JobSeeker payment; AEC enrolments close, Labor leader visits Brisbane flood victims,

Returning to Cairns for a moment, and Leichhardt MP Warren Entsch – a prominent supporter of the LGBTQ community – has been asked about Katherine Deves’ past comments about transgender people.

Entsch agreed with his interviewer on ABC television that the Liberal candidate’s comments had been “abhorrent”, but he refused to say if she should be disendorsed.

LNP MP Warren Entsch embracing retiring Labor MP Warren Snowdon.Credit:alex ellinghausen

“I don’t know Katherine from Adam. I have a different view. I’m not going to go out and challenge her and be confrontational,” he said.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is sticking by Deves, who is challenging independent MP Zali Steggall in the Sydney seat of Warringah (which, prior to the last election, was held by former prime minister Tony Abbott).


Entsch said that if Deves was elected to parliament, he would seek to persuade her that her views on LGBTQ people are wrong.

“I have been very consistent and very successful in being able to change [people’s minds],” the Queensland-based MP said.

“When I first started advocating in relation to gay issues, I was almost a single voice from within the party. Look how far we’ve come. I will do the same if this Katherine is elected.

“I’ll be sitting down with her, I’ll have a conversation with her, I will introduce some of these wonderful young people that I’ve been sharing their lives with now for the last 15 or 16 years. And, hopefully, she’ll be able to see a different view.”

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