“Save your money” .. shocking advice from Fahad Al-Harifi about Muhammad Kanoo

The historic victory star Fahd Al-Harifi posted a tweet via his official Twitter account, which gave shocking advice to clubs interested in a contract with Al-Hilal midfielder star Mohammed Kanoo, whose contract expires at the end of the season. current season.

Al-Hilal is still trying to renew the Saudi player’s contract, but he faces great difficulties as Kno and his agent are not happy with the financial offer submitted by the blue administration led by Fahd bin Nafel.

What is Fahad Al-Harifi’s shocking advice about Muhammad Kanoo?

Al-Harifi, who used to express controversial technical opinions, confirmed in his tweet that Kno is a player who does not have a cross and will not benefit any club that joins him, advising everyone to keep their money and not to sign it.

He wrote: “I advise you and you know my advice, save your money: be a player without a position, no club will profit from it and the days between us. Prefer it.”