San Diego Memorial Day Travel Expected Despite COVID Cases and Inflation

SAN DIEGO — The latest COVID-19 case rates in San Diego are nearly 26 times higher than the number of cases reported this week before Memorial Day last year.

However, with the minimal pandemic restrictions we’ve seen for a summer vacation in some time, experts are still expecting a very busy travel vacation.

This is expected to be the fourth busiest Memorial Day weekend for travel on record in Southern California, with more than three million people projected to travel Thursday through Monday, according to AAA.

“Overall travel volume is expected to be about 11% higher than what we saw last year and 8% lower than what we saw in 2019 before the pandemic started,” said Doug Shupe of the Auto Club of the Southern California.

America’s Finest City ranks number four in the top five destinations for Southern Californians this weekend. Most people will travel by car, despite high gas prices, says AAA.

“Gasoline prices in San Diego County are now $6.02 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline. That’s about $1.86 more per gallon than last year at this point,” Shupe told FOX 5.

AAA says that now more than ever, it’s best to book your trip as far in advance as possible to get the best prices. The auto club expects the increased travel demand to last through the summer.

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