Russian doctor reveals source of new ‘Covid-19’ strains


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Dr Alexander Myasnikov has announced that the new strains of “Covid-19” appear as a result of infection of immunocompromised people.

And Myasnikov points out in a television interview, that the virus in the body of these people mutates very quickly compared to others.

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He says, “If the coronavirus mutation usually takes several years, then in the body of an immunocompromised person it happens very quickly. For example, in the body of a patient with lymphoma in Cambridge, doctors have discovered hundreds of mutations of the virus, which can occur in nature. In ten years or so, that is, these people are incubators for the virus, and in the same way the “Omicron” mutation has occurred, and the new mutation will also be in the bodies of people who are immunocompromised in the if they contract the emerging coronavirus.

These people should be vaccinated with three and more doses of the emerging coronavirus vaccine, he said.

And he adds that people who are immunocompromised should be vaccinated at all times, as the effect of the vaccine in their body is relatively small compared to others.

Source: RIA Novosti

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