Roger Marshall to introduce financial disclosure bill after hot ‘moron’ mic discussion with Fauci

Republican Sen. Roger Marshall plans to introduce a new bill called the ‘Fauci Law’ after a public discussion with White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci over what the senator says is a lack of transparency around the records Mr. Fauci’s financial backers.

The Financial Accountability for Single Pay Individuals (FAUCI) Act would require the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) to release currently unreleased financial records for certain government officials.

Senator Marshall, a Republican from Kansas and himself a medical doctor, struck rhetorical jabs with Dr. Fauci during a Senate hearing earlier this week on the Biden administration’s ongoing COVID response strategy.

Conservative critics used Tuesday’s hearing to express skepticism about how the strategy is handled by Fauci, who is also President Biden’s chief medical adviser.

At one point in the hearing, Dr. Fauci lost his temper when Dr. Marshall accused him of hiding the financial disclosure forms demanded from officials. The clash quickly made headlines after a hot mic surprised Dr Fauci by calling Dr Marshall a “moron”.

“I don’t know why you are asking me this question,” Dr. Fauci said in response to questions about his financial records. “My financial disclosure is public knowledge and has been for approximately 37 years.”

“All you have to do is ask,” he told Dr. Marshall. “You are so misinformed, it’s extraordinary.”

Although Dr. Fauci’s financial records are public information, the Center for Public Integrity said the process to obtain them can take months.

Dr Marshall was among a group of Republican lawmakers critical of Dr Fauci and the Biden administration’s handling of the ongoing pandemic.

Dr Marshall previously introduced a measure calling for a bipartisan congressional committee to investigate the origins of COVID-19. He also introduced a measure to prevent the Department of Defense from issuing other than honorable discharges for troops who refuse to take the vaccine which was passed as part of this National Defense Authorization Act. year.

His plan now to introduce the ‘FAUCI ACT’ comes as Dr Fauci claims to face threats from the public.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Dr. Fauci told lawmakers he needed increased security since 2020 because of threats and harassment against him and his family.

• This article is based in part on wire service reports.

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