Rep. Thomas Massie, office ‘will not comply’ with DC vaccine mandate

A Republican House member says his office will not comply with Washington, DC’s vaccination mandate or do business with others who do.

Rep. Thomas Massie, Republican of Kentucky, took to Twitter late Thursday to denounce the city’s order, which takes effect Sunday, requiring people to show proof of vaccination to enter any gym, restaurant , bar, nightclub, gym or DC conference center.

“The DC vaccine mandate comes into effect this weekend. My office will not comply. We won’t show papers,” Massie said, adding that non-compliance would mean a boycott of DC businesses.

“We won’t order take-out from restaurants that require dinner paperwork. We’ll get our food from Virginia or bring it to work,” he said.

Mr. Massie, the co-chair of the Second Amendment caucus, concluded that “disgrace has descended upon our nation’s capital.”

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