Relatively Famous Stars Talk Growing Up in the Public Eye

Growing up with famous parents isn’t just fun and fun.

Of course, the lifestyle has many advantages, but like the Relatively Famous: The Rules of the Ranch As the cast discusses in this preview of tomorrow’s premiere, living in the limelight, especially as a child, can be extremely difficult.

“To me it was like you couldn’t go to a restaurant, you couldn’t go to the mall, you couldn’t go anywhere,” says the model and DJ Myles o’neal, whose parents are an NBA legend Shaquille O’neal and matriarch reality Shaunie o’neal.

“Every place, they should, for example, shut it down,” Myles continues. “Like, they closed some stores in the mall so we could get in… I was like, ‘I need some fucking boxers. “”

Hana Giraldo, the girl of rock icons Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo, can certainly relate. “My mom couldn’t go anywhere either,” she replies. “And she would be, like, hidden.”

“We had the paparazzi problem,” adds Harry james thornton, whose father is an Oscar winner Billy bob thornton.

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