Real Estate: Map Shows Rising Vancouver Values

This online tool also allows you to see the price of any house in Metro Vancouver.

Have you ever wondered how much that fancy house you always pass on your way home after work costs?

In addition to the highest real estate prices in Canada, a recent report found that the city of Vancouver also has the highest rental prices. Additionally, prices for one-bedroom apartments have risen a staggering 18.12 percent year over year.

Now, locals looking to rent an apartment in the city can expect to pay an average of $2,334 for a one-bedroom and $3,324 for a two-bedroom.

As individual properties rise in price, many Vancouver neighborhoods in which they are located have appreciated in value. However, to find out how much a specific home is worth, locals can use a free online tool to find its current market value.

A tech-enabled real estate brokerage called Properly has launched an online tool called instant estimate. The technology allows locals to find out the current market value of any home and not just those that are for sale.

You correctly compared the sales prices of homes that were purchased in the Greater Vancouver region from July to December 2020 (when real estate activity was most active that year) with your current “flash estimate” to determine which ones have also appreciated during the coronavirus pandemic. .

The company also listed the top 10 Vancouver neighborhoods that have appreciated the most in value since the start of the pandemic.

Neighborhoods that saw the greatest home value appreciation:

  • Hastings Sunrise: 36 percent
  • South Vancouver – 35 percent
  • Killarney – 34 percent
  • Renfrew – 32 percent
  • Gentleman – 31 percent
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Appropriate Notes: “Using our instant estimate technology (available for use by anyone curious about home values ​​in Vancouver and the Fraser Valley), we discovered that home values ​​in Vancouver, which include places like Hastings, South Vancouver, Killarney, Renfrew, and Kerrisdale have increased nearly 18% in the past two years In 2020, the median sales price of a home in the Vancouver area was about $920,000, compared to median value current snapshot estimate of $1.4 million.

Municipalities that saw the greatest home value appreciation:

  • Maple Crest – 49 percent
  • Squamish – 40 percent
  • Ladner – 40 percent
  • Pitt Meadows – 39 percent
  • Puerto Coquitlam – 37 percent
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How do you create an account?

To see the value of a house, you must create an account and log in. From there, simply enter an address (ie 1330 Hornby St #607, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1W5, Canada). In some cases, you won’t need to create a login to see the current value.

  • Instant Estimate Fills in Home Value
  • If your results don’t populate right away, click “Add House Data” to help generate your Instant Estimate

Powered by AI technology, the snapshot estimate factors in historical sold data, proximity to services, personalized home data, and other economic factors to enable homeowners in the Greater Toronto, Vancouver, and Fraser Valley keep track of the estimated market value of their homes.

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