Rare Killer Whale Moment Seems to Help Stranded Humpback Whale

The young Humpback Whale was entangled in ropes and seriously ill in Bremer Bay.

“We could see he was severely entangled – he had a lot of lines around his fin and he was heavily infested with whale lice,” said Gemma, owner of Whale Watch Western Australia.

The footage captures a rare moment when a pod of killer whales appeared to help an injured humpback whale. (Whale Watching in Western Australia)

Orcas, more commonly known as killer whales, began to approach the injured humpback whale.

“These orcas here in Bremer are very, very interested in humpback whales, and it’s part of their diet. So when we saw the injured humpback whale and the killer whale approaching, we were very concerned,” he said. said Gemma.

But what happened next surprised whale watchers.

Killer whales seemed to come to the aid of the humpback whale.

“It was almost as if they could tell this whale was too sick and too injured to fight back and probably wouldn’t make a good meal,” Gemma said.

The young humpback whale was entangled in ropes in Bremer Bay.
The young humpback whale was entangled in ropes in Bremer Bay. (Whale Watching in Western Australia)

“We could see this huge block of rope that this humpback whale suddenly carried freely, as one of the orcas moved in luck,” she said.

Ocean expert Hugh Edwards said the event is extremely rare.

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“It’s one of those things in nature that completely baffles us because it’s the complete opposite of what it is. [the orca] is supposed to do. “

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