Quebec is partly responsible for delays with temporary foreign workers, according to Ottawa

Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau was responding to complaints from Quebec Labor Minister Jean Boulet that Ottawa was slow to process cases.

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The federal government acknowledged on Tuesday that the processing times for temporary foreign workers are getting longer, but added that in some cases, these delays are due to Quebec.

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In an interview with the Canadian Press, Federal Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau responded to complaints made the day before by Quebec Labor Minister Jean Boulet that Ottawa was too slow when it came to process the files of temporary foreign workers.

Bibeau said that in some cases, such as those where employers were looking for workers for a chicken processing plant, it was Ottawa that waited for Quebec to complete the process.

The agriculture minister also quickly rejected Boulet’s request that Quebec take over the temporary foreign worker program, saying immigration remains a federal jurisdiction.

Nonetheless, Bibeau said the two levels of government “worked well together,” citing the decision to increase to 20 percent from 10 percent the level of foreign workers allowed for a company’s workforce in certain industries. .

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