Putin humiliated as he unleashes a hell of missiles on Odessa only to destroy the beach toilet | world | News

The Black Sea port plays a vital role in Ukraine’s overall economy and is currently under a Russian naval blockade. The city is a key strategic target for the Russians and has come under heavy bombardment. However, the Russian commanders appeared to have confused their objectives, after cleaning up a beach toilet in the city.

The destruction of the public toilet was confirmed in a statement issued by the operational command of southern Ukraine.

They said: “Another missile attack with the use of aircraft was inflicted on the Odessa region.

“With air-based missiles, the enemy ‘damaged the air’ significantly in the southern region of Odessa.

“The beach toilet was destroyed. Other than the hopelessly lost conscience and reputation of the aggressor, there were no other losses.”

Social media users were quick to express their thoughts on the incident and couldn’t resist poking fun at the Russian military.

Mykola Vorobiov, a Ukrainian military journalist, tweeted: “A Russian ballistic missile worth $5 million has just hit a public toilet on the beach in Odessa.

“Do you know of any other better military investment?”

While a second wrote: “This successful attack will surely break the backbone of Ukraine’s 35th Odessa Public Bath Battalion, the lynchpin of Ukraine’s coastal defense.”

A third said: “If rural Russia has no toilets, Russian soldiers should be stealing toilets instead of washing machines.”

“At least they would have something to sit on.”

Odessa is Ukraine’s largest and only deepwater port and plays a vital strategic role in the country’s overall economy.

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About 70 percent of Ukraine’s total imports and exports are carried out by sea, with 65 percent through the port of Odessa.

Odessa is also one of the most important departure points for Ukrainian grain to international markets, providing Ukraine with substantial income.

In 2021, Ukraine was the fourth largest grain exporter in the world.

Currently, the Russians have imposed a naval blockade of all Ukraine’s Black Sea ports, preventing kyiv from exporting its grain to the rest of the world.

The blockade has been heavily criticized by Western countries, with the United States accusing Putin of turning food into weapons.

On Thursday, the US Secretary of State demanded that Moscow lift the blockade on Odessa and other Ukrainian Black Sea ports, to allow the flow of food and fertilizer around the world.


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Anthony Blinken told a UN Security Council meeting: “The Russian government seems to think that using food as a weapon will help achieve what its invasion failed to do: break the spirit of the Ukrainian people.

“The food supply for millions of Ukrainians and millions more around the world has literally been taken hostage by the Russian military.”

Russia, for its part, said it would refuse to continue food supplies unless the West rescinded its sanctions against the country.

Dmitry Medvedev, the former president, said Russia would consider allowing food exports to flow again on the condition that Moscow gets “assistance from trading partners, including on international platforms.”

He added: “Otherwise, there is no logic: on the one hand, they are imposing senseless sanctions on us, on the other hand, they are demanding food supplies.

“Things don’t work like that, we’re not idiots.”

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