Proud Family Revival Enlists an A-List Voice Cast for Season 2

The Proud Family you have made it to the big time.

The Disney+ revival of the iconic animated series, which wraps its first season on April 20, has already booked some huge guest stars for season two.

tonywinner Leslie Odom Jr.Grammy winner Chance the RapperEmmy nominee anthony andersonEmmy winner jane lynchEmmy nominee Courtney B Vance, Gabrielle Union, normani, Holly RobinsonPeete, Storm Reidand Liana Mendoza will all lend their voices to the groundbreaking series.

Not bad for Penny Proud and family. But that’s not all!

olympic gymnastics Dominic Dawes, Gabby Douglas and Laura Hernandez are also joining the cast. Maybe Suga Mama will learn to use the balance beam?

The most out-of-left-field addition to the Proud Family cast, however, is Maury Povich. And it is, that Maury Povich.

We can’t really wrap our brains around a paternity test on The Proud Familyso let’s assume he’s playing a quirky, fun-loving neighbor!

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