Protesters gather outside the Djokovic Hotel in Melbourne

Novak Djokovic supporters gathered outside the Park Hotel in Carlton, Melbourne, for a second day on January 7, where the tennis player stayed amid controversy over his visa and COVID-19 vaccination status. This footage, taken by The Age reporter Cassie Morgan, shows a crowd gathered outside the hotel. Djokovic was due to play at the Australian Open after posting on social media before the start that he was “heading down Under on an exemption permit”. However, the Australian Border Force said Djokovic failed to provide “appropriate evidence to meet entry requirements,” adding that “non-nationals who do not hold a valid visa upon entry or whose visa was canceled will be detained and deported from Australia. “A second tennis player scheduled to play at the Australian Open, Czech player Renata Voráčová, had her visa canceled and was detained at the same hotel as Djokovic on Thursday . In a statement on Instagram on Friday, Djokovic thanked his supporters. “Thank you to people around the world for your continued support. I can feel it and it is greatly appreciated, ”he wrote. Credit: Cassie Morgan via Storyful


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