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Protesters arrested after clashes in Parliament, new charges against OPH fire


Protesters have occupied a space near the old Parliament since mid-December.

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A video on social media showed the confrontation occurred around 11 a.m., with protesters facing a heavy police presence blocking the entrance to Parliament.

Police used pepper spray to disperse the group, which has ties to sovereign citizens and anti-vaccination causes, as its members reportedly attempted to enter the building for an illegal protest.

The demonstrators have established a camp behind the national rose garden, next to the aboriginal tent embassy, ​​and have been demonstrating since mid-December.

They say they are “sovereign persons” who do not recognize the legal authorities, and who want to evict officials from Australian government buildings.

In a statement, ACT Policing said three men and a woman were arrested at the scene of Thursday’s incident and taken to the city’s surveillance center.

Police and protesters clashed Thursday morning in Parliament. Photo: Instagram

Two of the men, accused of disturbing public order, were subsequently released on bail by the police.

A warrant has already been issued for the arrest of the third man, a 30-year-old man from Bourke, NSW, before agents of Parliament took him into custody during Thursday’s protest.

He will spend a night behind bars before appearing before the ACT court of first instance on Friday, accused of aiding and abetting arson in connection with the December 30 fire at the old Parliament.

The man will also be accused of degrading public property, of helping and encouraging damage to property, of assaulting a front-line community worker and of resisting a local public official.

Police could not identify the woman, who refused to give her name to the custody sergeant after being arrested for breach of public order.

She appeared barefoot in ACT Magistrates’ Court Thursday afternoon, as she continued to deny requests for identification and claimed to have been “sold on the US Stock Exchange”.


The ‘unknown lady’, right, left court Thursday after identifying herself only as Karen. Photo: Blake Foden

Documents submitted to the court allege that she verbally assaulted the police and acted in a “hostile” manner while attempting to break a line of officers into Parliament.

The “unknown lady”, as Magistrate James Stewart called her, also claimed that the federal government was a “corrupt society” against which she “took a stand”.

Eventually, she gave her first name as Karen and told the court that she wanted to return to where she lived near the old Parliament.

After making a verbal commitment not to disturb the peace again, Mr. Stewart ordered his release.

Police investigating the Old Parliament House fire also arrested a 38-year-old man from Lindendale, NSW on Thursday.

He is scheduled to appear in ACT district court on Friday, charged with assaulting a frontline worker, obstructing a public official and breaching the bond.

Investigators examining the fire as part of Operation Pike are still trying to identify others involved in the blaze.

Nicholas Malcolm Reed, a 30-year-old Victorian man, is already in ACT Magistrates’ Court on arson charges after allegedly placing hot coals on the gates of the old parliament and stoking the resulting fire.

He remains free on bail although he admitted to breaching a condition of his release within 15 minutes of his first clearance.

Mr Reed, whose name was originally subject to a publication ban, is expected to return to court on February 1.

In recent days, protesters near the old parliament have called for support from social media subscribers to strengthen their camp.

They asked for items like a bathtub, refrigerator, industrial kitchen utensils, tents, tarpaulins, gas cylinders, food and monetary donations.

The protest group is said to be largely made up of people who traveled to Canberra to participate, and court documents describe it as having been “beefed up” by the freeway arrivals.

Protesters also visited Parliament and The Lodge on Monday, although protests remained peaceful according to images posted on social media.

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