Pizza Farro Windsor

Walk through the door of Pizza Farro Windsor and you’ll immediately have a few decisions to make. First, where to sit? Up front, with its old-school osteria spirit? Or maybe further back, where things brighten up and give way to exposed brick walls and brightly colored velvet banquettes? There’s even an enclosed courtyard at the far end, perfect for those warm summer evenings. Next decision: what to drink? Italian classics such as a ruby ​​red Negroni are executed well here, but we recommend choosing whatever appeals to you from the signature cocktail list.

Last but not least, comes the question of what to eat. Fortunately, Farro has built a solid reputation for a full and extensive line of pizzas, pastas and antipasti. All of the pizzas and pastas here are made from spelled flour, which has a slight nutty flavor and may be easier on the body to digest than its wheat counterpart.

Plus, every pizza on the menu can be made vegan or with a completely gluten-free base. Start your meal with crispy polenta chips with truffle mayonnaise or prosciutto and parmesan croquettes, then move on to something bigger, like slow-braised lamb tagliatelle or gnocchi with ricotta and pesto.

The range of pizzas changes quite often, but the toppings tend to be traditional. And the pizzas are generously drizzled with ingredients, which makes Farro a great option if you’re eating with someone who often feels cheated on the toppings front. A supplement of free Parmesan and chili oil is also a welcome touch.

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