Photos of the friendship of Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet

“The Flight Attendant” begins as a romance quickly soured by a night of alcohol-induced fun that results in a gruesome, unsolved murder. At the heart of the show, which tackles everything from alcoholism to espionage, is a love story defined not by Cassie (Kaley Cuoco) and her one-night stand, Alex (Michiel Huisman), but by Cassie and her best friend. on screen, Annie. (Zosia Mamet). When filming began in 2019, their chemistry was unmatched. Two years and as many matching tattoos later, BFFs are inseparable proof that good things can come out of tough times.

How Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet met

During the casting process for “The Flight Attendant,” Cuoco and Mamet were asked to do a chemistry reading together, a hypothetically daunting task that cemented their jobs and their friendship. Michael [Huisman] and Kaley’s relationship, totally that’s a love story, but the real love story of [‘The Flight Attendant’] it’s Annie and Cassie,” Mamet told The Hollywood Reporter in June 2021. “When I heard they wanted me to [do a] chemistry reading with Kaley, I was like, ‘Oh, they see how important this relationship is’; You need a chemistry reading between two best friends who have been BFFs since they were kids.”

“It was this immediate spark of chemistry between the two of us.”

The chemistry read was successful in that it earned both actors their place as best friends on screen and laid the foundation for a years-long friendship. “I walked into that room and they said, ‘Feel free to play,'” Mamet said. “I was pretending to be on my phone in the audition room, and Kaley came over and punched me in the nose, which wasn’t in the script, and I immediately brushed my hand off her like, ‘Don’t do that.’ I always say that [and] at that moment Annie and Cassie were born. It was this immediate spark of chemistry between the two of us. . . We both have this great sense of the game and we love working together. I think we were the ruin of our first [assistant director’s] existence because they literally had to say, ‘OK, stop. Stop, we said cut! We just had a lot of fun together.”

Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet as roommates

On set, Cuoco and Mamet—whose on-screen characters are more serious than goofy—like to take turns making each other laugh, going off script with bits and pieces, and being affectionate in the form of hugs and countless boops. The incomparable bond between the friends grew even stronger when, in September 2021, Kuoco parted ways with her husband of three years, Karl Cook.

Speaking with Kelly Clarkson on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” on April 28, Cuoco revealed that Mamet moved in with her shortly after the divorce to help her deal with her emotions, adding that she found it hard to open up at first. “I tried to take it all on myself until I realized that I actually physically couldn’t do it anymore,” she said. “Zosia is my co-star and my best friend. She basically lived with me for the last few months of filming (Season 2), we moved in together, and I don’t think I would have been able to work a few days without her… I never thought I had to depend on someone like that.” before and I really depended on her. She helped me a lot.”

“Obviously romantic relationships are important, but I think female friendships take it to another level.”

Becoming roommates turned out to be exactly what Cuoco and Mamet needed to strengthen their friendship, and the selfless gesture left a lasting impression on Cuoco. “She would come to work on the days she wasn’t supposed to be there and she would come to lunch with me,” he said. “I’m like, ‘You have your day off today,’ and she’s like, ‘I’m coming in,’ because she heard she was having a rough time and she was sitting in my trailer. She’s the best. I’m so lucky I had her.” .

In the same interview, Mamet explained that their friendship is second to none. “I’m not very close to my family, and I’ve always found the family chosen to be exceptionally important,” she said. “I think as women, [that friendship] equals anything. Obviously, romantic relationships are important, but I think female friendships take it to another level.”

The friendship of Kaley Cuoco and Zosia Mamet

More recently, the friends have been all over Instagram, posting heartfelt birthday messages to each other along with photo carousels sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their adorable friendship. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this magical human unicorn,” Mamet wrote in an Instagram post dedicated to Cuoco on Nov. 30, 2021. “You are one of a kind @kaleycuoco. I love you more than words could say. Here’s to another thousand years of adventures and laughing together so hard our abs hurt. You will always be the Cassie to my Annie.”

In response, Cuoco shared a birthday tribute to Mamet on February 2. “Happy birthday to the unicorn fairy princess that is @zosiamamet!!” she wrote. “I’m so thankful that you danced into my life and never left. You deserve the whole world. The kind, funny, sweet, empathetic, lovable and cool way of you really touches everyone you meet. I’m not I’m sure how my life would be in the last few months, if you weren’t telling me to go to work and that everything will be alright… I love you forever sister wife There’s no one like you my widdle smoosh!!🎂 🎈 💋 🎁 You will always be the Annie to my Cassie! Boop!”

As a tribute to their friendship and “The Stewardess,” Cuoco and Mamet got matching paper airplane tattoos in October 2020. On April 19, they added another matching tattoo to their growing collection: “boop” tattooed on the lower back. internal of your arms in honor of your cute encounter.

Cassie and Annie may be willing to help each other get their way, but Cuoco and Mamet’s real-life friendship is the real deal. See more boop-worthy photos of the best friends, including their time at the tattoo parlor, below.

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