Part Time Jobs in Dubai For Male & Female Students (Jan 2022)

Finding part time jobs in Dubai is not very difficult as we all envision it. Because Dubai is undoubtedly a land of opportunity where finding a job is much better than any other country in the Middle East. Everyone has a craze or a strong curiosity to make a passive income online in order to survive in the city where the inflation rate is always higher than in previous years and to survive is very difficult for those who earn less than 1000 dirhams per month. To get rid of it, you need to look for jobs in UAE – 982+ latest vacancies.

Part-time jobs in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman

Here we are happy to share with you the most effective ways to find part time job in Dubai as student and non-student for both men and women. Before we start, we would like to make sure that we won’t talk nonsense or explore with you unnecessary ways to generate a second income online and offline.

Are you interested in doing part time work from home?

Want to earn passive income online while still working full time? Then it might require you to read further. Whether you are a student or non-student, male or female, computer literate or not knowing much, living in United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka or you belonged to any other country, these will be applied for each of you. Now let’s start by sharing all the information in this regard with you.

1) How to earn money online while discovering attractive places?

In the content below, we’ve given you a brief overview of how to generate passive income by discovering the most attractive places in the country where you currently live. You just need to have a quality camera to get started. If you take it as an interest and stick with it, trust me, earn $ 1000 per month will be the smallest amount for you. So this could be the best source of income for you, whether you take it part time or full time.

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2) How to earn $ 100 per day selling your service online?

I know you must be wondering this make $ 100 a day doing a part-time job in Dubai or elsewhere is nothing more than a simple joke where everything appears in black and white when it comes to talking about making money online. But I assure you this is no joke. Have you ever heard of Fifth? A well known freelance work platform where a skilled person can sell their services online and it can be anything like development, graphic design, writing, translation, video animation, music, audio, programming, etc. Let’s get started! The link below will guide you further.

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3) How to earn up to $ 5 per day typing online?

It’s a job that almost requires ZERO skill. Yes, you read that right! Usually housewives and college students don’t have a lot of time to learn skills and can’t start doing something that earns them passive income even while they are asleep. In this job, you can earn $ 1.20 for 1000 words you type with fewer typos. Accuracy will keep your account safe from being banned. You can now get started by visiting the following link below.

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Part-time online jobs in Dubai (Most viewed ad)

As we all know, the least part time jobs can be found in Dubai or any other city in UAE in the following fields such as delivery driving, accounting, data entry, IT , administration, housekeeping, cleaning, barber, housekeeper, security guard / guard, office boy, etc. Without a doubt, this is very less compared to full time jobs all over the world. But it could be so perfect for college students or someone desperate for a second job to survive. Have you ever known or not of small offices, schools, hair salons, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and caterers that openly post their vacancies in front of the door on the position they are looking for. Some listings can be found below.

Part-time office jobs in Dubai this week

Here we will explore real-time advertised vacancies for our Top Valued Visitors for the following cities. Below we will update the weekly part time job postings from now on. So please don’t miss any updates on I wish you all good luck! ??

List of vacancies (Newly updated)

The cyclists

Company Name: Faisal Iqbal Delivery Services
Workplace: Dubai
Licence: Valid UAE driver’s license (at least 1 year license and required CNO)
Commission salary: 7.50 AED / delivery (4 AED / hour)
Advantages: Bike + Sim + Fuel provided
Whatsapp / Contact number056 9672437
Publication date: January 8, 2022

Office boy

Company Name: WorkForce Solutions ME
The duration of the contract: 3 months
Workplace: Dubai
Nationality: Asians only
Experience: 1 year of office / cleaning experience
Visa type: Residence / work visa
Salary: 2200 AED / month
Whatsapp CV number056 5743737
Required documents: Valid residency visa, Emirates ID card and passport
Publication date: January 8, 2022


Company Name: WorkForce Solutions ME
The duration of the contract: 3 months
Workplace: Dubai
Nationality: Asians only
Experience: Barista experience
Language skills: English proficiency)
Business hours: 10 hours a day (1 hour break)
Genre: Man Woman
Salary: 2500 AED / month
Whatsapp CV number056 5743737
Required documents: Valid residency visa, Emirates ID card and passport
Publication date: January 8, 2022

English to Arabic translator

Company Name: Diamond Legal Translation
Type of employment: Full Time Part Time
Workplace: Dubai (remote)
Experience: Must be experienced
Wage scale: 1000 – 6000 AED / month
CV Email: [email protected]
Important note: You will be paid according to the quality of the work and the performance.
Publication date: January 5, 2022

Hip-hop teacher

Institute Name: Melodica Music and Dance Institute
Workplace: Dubai
Experience: 1 year of experience as a Hip-Hop teacher
License / Certification: Teaching (preferably)
Salary: 150 – 200 AED / hour
CV Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp #050 2709503
Publication date: January 4, 2022

Safety tips : Never pay anyone for an application, test or interview. A real employer will never ask you for payment anyway.

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