Pakistan vs Australia live updates: Massive challenge awaits Aussie batters on day three of first Test in Rawalpindi

live updates


By Dean Bilton

7th over – Shaheen charging in again

Warner defends solidly on the front foot.

By Dean Bilton

6th over – Naseem to bowl again

EDGED! Short of slip. Soft hands save Khawaja there.

FOUR RUNS! Excellent bouncer from Naseem, but Khawaja’s hurt pull shot was good enough to find the square leg fence. He’s clearly still in decent nick.

FOURMORE! Controlled off the back foot by Khawaja, and steered down to third for another boundary. Good batting.

So Ussie is looking fairly comfortable at one end. More so than Warner at least.

By Dean Bilton

Hello Dean, I hope Carey is not mentioned today.


Australia will be hoping for the same thing. Pakistan certainly had no need for a number seven bat in their innings.

By Dean Bilton

5th over – Shaheen gets a look at Khawaja

Nice shape again out of the hand from the left-armer.

Then a couple of straight ones that sail harmlessly down the leg side.

MASSIVE LBW SHOUT! Khawaja hit on the pad while leaving, that has to be close! Nope…and no review. Must have been a lot higher than it looked on first viewing.

Tell you what, that’s very close. But no review.

Khawaja gets off strike with a single to the on side.

Just one off the over, as the replay shows the ball would have sailed well over the stumps from that LBW shout.

By Dean Bilton

4th over – Naseem in again

Again angling across Khawaja, who is leaving alone.

shot! Gorgeous straight drive from Khawaja, almost effortless. Four runs.

Naseem comes around the wicket and strikes Khawaja on the pad. He would have been sliding well down the leg side so the appeal is muted. Two leg byes given.

Khawaja steps inside the line and glances it to fine leg for one more.

Good finish from Naseem to pin Warner on the crease. Over bowled.

By Dean Bilton

3rd over – Shaheen Shah Afridi will bowl from the other end

He had tried to get an over in last night, only for the umpires to say it was too dark. Now he’s ready to steam in with David Warner on strike.

Loose start from the lefty. That one dribbles well wide of Warner and bounces a couple of times before it reaches the keeper.

BEATEN! That’s more like it. Full and swinging past Warner’s outside edge. Greatball.

EDGED FOR FOUR! Warner off the mark with a boundary through the gully. A tentative prod at a ball that moved away from him, without much control.

BEAT AGAIN! Great first over from Shaheen, Warner in all sorts early.

Just four from it.

By Dean Bilton

2nd over – Naseem Shah has the ball

And Usman Khawaja has the strike. Here we go, day three in Rawalpindi.

A lovely start from Naseem, good pace in a good channel. And there’s a bit of swing there for this young gun too. Crucial spell this with the new ball.

A no ball is belatedly flagged from the third umpire, so the day’s scoring is launched with an extra.

Bat on the ball for the first time today as Khawaja defends to the off side. Naseem angling across the left-hander.

Nice start there from Naseem. Just the no ball from it.

By Dean Bilton

Play to start early today

But only for 10 minutes for some reason. That means the first ball is only eight minutes away.

Conditions overhead are cloudy, but forecasts seem split on whether we will get any rain today or not.

By Dean Bilton

A special day for Usman Khawaja

By Dean Bilton

What happened yesterday?


In short:

  • Pakistan batted all day
  • Azhar Ali made 185 and Imam-Ul-Haq 157
  • Australia managed only three wickets for the day, one of which being an excellent run out from Marnus Labuschagne
  • Pakistan declared at 4-476 and had hoped to get an hour of bowling at Australia
  • Bad light stopped play after just one over with Australia’s score at 0-5

All caught up? Excellent.

By Dean Bilton

Welcome to day three


G’day, and welcome back. Australia’s mission today is clear and obvious – bat and bat and bat and bat and bat.

Conditions will still be fantastic for the batters out there in Rawalpindi, and although they may be staring at a 471-run deficit, there is no hurry for the Aussies today. There are runs on offer for anyone who strides to the crease, but the challenge will be to stay as patient as their Pakistani counterparts were.

Lots of cricket to play today with the first ball to be bowled 10 minutes early today, so stick around for it all.


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