‘We can’t hear them’: Atlanta Hawks star Trae Young taunts New York Yankees fans after a ‘F*** Trae Young’ chant breaks out at Yankee Stadium

New York Yankees fans refuse to let Trae Young forget how much they hate him. Ever since he eliminated the New York Knicks from the NBA playoffs in 2021, the Atlanta Hawks’ Trae Young has been one of the most hated people in New York. Apparently, this hatred extends outside of basketball, with New York … Read more

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 3 review: The TWS flagship gets even better

Today’s flagship true wireless earphones meet the highest standards of design, performance and functionality, and only a few brands have really stood out in this segment for offering the kind of products that people would be willing to pay Rs. 20,000 per. One of the first brands to offer a truly winning product in this … Read more

How next-gen automation is helping recruiters identify qualified talent at scale

With the Great Resignation showing no signs of letting up, recruiters are looking for all the help they can get to replenish their rosters with qualified talent. The human resource management (HRM) market, including talent acquisition software and services, is currently valued at nearly $20 billion. It is expected to grow at a rate of … Read more

Jack Sparrow Cosplayers, Court Campers, and Dogs Dressed as Lawyers: Fans at Depp vs. Heard Trial

Yvonne Deboer booked a year off to support Johnny Depp. The travel agent and self-proclaimed “number one fan” left her life in Los Angeles behind to come to Fairfax, Virginia, for the entirety of the actor’s defamation trial. For the past six weeks, he has spent every day inside the courtroom watching the case unfold … Read more

Texas school shooting: An 11-year-old girl smeared herself with a friend’s blood to survive

An 11-year-old girl shared the horrific way she survived the Texas school shooting, as her friends and teachers were killed alongside her. A fourth-year student recalled how she survived the Texas school shooting by smearing blood on herself to pretend to be dead. Miah Cerrillo, 11, witnessed gunman Salvador Ramos, 18, gun down his teachers … Read more

Newspaper headlines: Conservatives ‘split’ on ‘gift’ of energy bills

Screenshot, After revealing his support deal, the chancellor “bragged” that the Conservatives are now the “big spender” party compared to Labour, the Telegraph reports. He says Labour, who have been calling for a windfall profits tax for months, have claimed a “political victory”, but Sunak has insisted his plan will raise £5bn in tax revenue … Read more

UK News: Ex-Apprentice star clashes with Kim Woodburn over partygate – ‘Take a chill pill’ | Policy | News

GB News host Patrick Christys welcomed former Apprentice contestant Navid Sole and professional cleaner Kim Woodburn to ‘The Clash’ as ​​the pair faced revelations that Number 10 staff had directed “unacceptable” abuse. Towards cleaners inside Boris Johnson’s London residence. Sue Gray’s report on the Downing Street and Whitehall parties, which was published ahead of questions … Read more