OzTech: Cybersecurity Training for Women in Victoria; Top 5 skills Australian technicians are looking for

Pilot cybersecurity training for women launched in Victoria

A pilot has been launched in Victoria that will train 26 women in cybersecurity. Women with one year of experience in the IT sector or three years in cyber will be trained to start a career or to learn and be prepared to take on leadership roles in cybersecurity.

The initiative has received $100,000 from the Victorian Government and will be run in partnership with the Australian Women in Security Network (AWSN). The state government has called this initiative a program to improve female representation in the workforce, as the Australian Bureau of Statistics found that women make up 31% of the local digital technology workforce.

The program, which is scheduled to start in July, includes specialized training, coaching and mentoring services, as well as attendance at workshops and networking events.

Those interested can apply on the AWSN website.

Top 5 skills technicians are looking for in Australia

During the first quarter of 2022, there was an increase in Australians taking courses on Swift, data structure, iOS development, Docker containers, and AWS Certified Solution Architect, respectively, according to online learning platform Udemy. Interestingly, despite cyber security consistently being a top IT concern and talent shortage, it is not among the top courses in Australia or globally.

Globally, Udemy saw a rise in blockchain-related technology skills such as DApp and Binance, while powerful skills such as efficiency and personal success also continued to gain attention among those looking to enhance their leadership capabilities.

The data is generated by learners in Udemy’s business learning solution, Udemy Business, showing the skills that corporate leaders and employees are looking for.

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