Osprey nest rescued from dangerous treetop perch

The nest was on top of a 30m tall hoop pine that was struck by lightning in the Currumbin Valley about 18 months ago. At the time, the nest fell from the tree but the osprey rebuilt it on top of the dead hoop pine. However, the tree was rated by an arborist as being structurally unstable and at “high risk” of crashing on the busy Currumbin Creek path. On Thursday, experts with a crane and aerial work platform were brought in to cut the dead tree and move the nest to another hoop pine nearby. The delicate operation, which saw the closure of Currumbin Creek Rd for more than eight hours, was overseen by a wildlife observer. Transport and Main Roads will be monitoring the site over the next 12 months to ensure the ospreys are happy with their new home. The osprey, or osprey, is also known as the sea hawk, river hawk or fish hawk and reaches over 60 cm, with a wingspan of 180 cm. Their nests, often placed atop utility poles, tall trees, or rocky outcrops, can grow up to 2m wide and weigh as much as 135kg.

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