Ophthalmologist causes 6 blindness in Saudi Arabia

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The Saudi Arabian Health Authority ordered a doctor to compensate a number of patients, after performing simple operations related to the removal of cataracts from the eye, which resulted in blindness.

And the local newspaper, Al-Watan, reported that the doctor performed various cataract surgeries for 6 of his patients at a private hospital in the Qassim region, which resulted in the blindness of the six affected patients, after having made serious medical errors in these operations. .

The newspaper pointed out that the issuance of compensation decisions by the authority came after it was proved that the doctor had made a mistake and that he had carried out operations not in accordance with medical principles and practices, to a when no legal action had been taken against him, and he is still in office.

The journal also reported that the patients were suffering from the same disease, which is the presence of cataracts in the eye, and as a result they performed operations to remove the cataracts at the relevant doctor, which the operation is supposed to not do. not take more than half an hour. hour in normal cases, but patients suspected that there were errors The doctor went on after their operations lasted for hours, which ended up causing damage to the cornea of ​​the eye for them and their loss of view after the end of the operation.

The health minister called for urgent intervention to alleviate the suffering of the doctor’s victims, treat them at the ministry’s expense, stand by patients and hold those responsible for performance assessment and follow-up accountable.

It should be noted that the Saudi Arabian Central Bank had set January 1, 2022 as the start date for the implementation of the insurance policy against professional medical errors, after announcing the publication of the model version of the document.

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