“One Sale Every 30 Seconds”: The Friends Behind The $ 1 Billion Beverage Juggernaut

Serial entrepreneurs Carl Hartmann and Mark Livings have raised more than $ 63 million to expand Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirit Co, which currently operates in 63 countries and has annual sales of approximately $ 500 million. dollars. Mr Hartmann, based out of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, expects Lyre to be valued at $ 1 billion by the middle of 2022. “We made our millionth bottle last year and are selling it. one every 30 seconds, ”he said. “We’re at $ 500 million (valuation) now and extrapolating that growth and using current market multiples, it’s inevitable.” For Mr. Hartmann, who previously co-founded the logistics software company at Temando and recruiting software company Compono’s success, Lyre was a change of direction. It all started when he worked with Mr. Livings in a JB Hi-Fi Store while they were both studying at University. from Queensland. From a career in the beverage industry, there’s this wave of people or millennials looking for healthy alternatives, “he said.” From my perspective, I’ve lived in there stranger for several years and wish there was a drink that looks like a real drink, tasted like a real drink and ideally I had the freedom to choose if there was any alcohol or not and ideally a lot less calories. the demand for a few years is off the charts. “Lyre’s, which takes its name from the lyre bird because the company has set itself the goal of emulating a full line of ‘true taste’ alcohol-free spirits, was established in April 2019. Since its launch, it has won over 200 awards in the non-alcoholic spirits category and has more than 100 employees worldwide, with headquarters in London and production facilities in Melbourne, UK, Germany and USA. Australia, Lyre’s products are sold to Woolworths, Coles, Dan Murphy’s, IGA and major hospital operators. Mr. Livings is the managing director of Lyre and lives in Amsterdam. Mr. Hartmann said the Covid-19 pandemic has marked a change in people’s attitude. “One of the things that we have noticed through the pandemic is that people are moving on the other side of this much more health conscious and they are more aware of what they are. they put in their body, ”he said. “And people have time to think it over and start changing their preferences. In some cases, they are rediscovering fitness and one way to maintain it is to consider their alcohol consumption. “The vast majority of people who drink Lyre are people who drink alcohol but have a training goal and don’t want a hangover or someone else who is a designated driver. “They like to alternate between drinking an alcoholic drink and then a Lyre soft drink in order to extend the social experience.”

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