On her birthday, crisis in Asala Nasri’s life

Today, Syrian artist Asala Nasri celebrates her 52nd birthday. Asala Nasri is considered one of the stars who most influenced the Arabic song movement and one of the most prominent stars of her generation. During her artistic advice, Asala was exposed to many crises, and despite her fear of betrayal and love for her husband She went through this experience and was betrayed by her husband, Tariq Al-Arian, which led to their separation due to his repeated infidelities after a great love story.

This was not the first time that Asala had been betrayed, but she had previously spoken about her first husband’s betrayal during a previous TV interview, saying: One of the reasons she divorced her husband Ayman Al-Dhahabi is that she was betrayed. .

And these crises did not end only with the divorce, but in 2020 the news spread of the accusation of his son Khaled Al-Dhahabi in the case of inadvertently killing a person, as he accidentally hit him with his car, and was later released. of his death. the authenticity of the family was compensated with a million pounds in ransom for his death.

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