Official figures. How did Saudi Arabia benefit from the Russian invasion of Ukraine?

The Australian newspaper “Daily Telegraph” reported on Sunday that the family of two Saudi sisters who were found dead in an apartment in the Australian city of Sydney, had asked the police not to publish their photos in order to seek help to solve the problem. matter of her mysterious death.

The competent authorities had found the two Saudi girls, Israa Abdullah Al-Sahli, 24, and her sister, Amal, 23, dead, each in their beds, in early June, with no trace of violence or intrusion into their apartment in Canterbury. , southwest of Sydney.

Police have been unable to determine the cause of death of the two girls so far, while sources told the Daily Telegraph that police had contacted the family of the two victims in Saudi Arabia for permission to publish. your photos in context. of a request for help to unveil the mystery of his death, but the request was granted and dismissed, according to the newspaper.

However, the investigator in charge of the case reversed the family’s decision and insisted that the photos be published in order to obtain as much information as possible.

The girls’ family has not spoken to the media since the case was revealed.

The newspaper reported that the two sisters had received a notice to vacate the house last May, just weeks before her death, after they fell behind on their rent payments.

The rental company’s agent, Jay Ho, said Esraa and Amal had rented the house two years ago and had no problems, before the bills piled up earlier this year.

Jae Ho added, “They stopped paying their rent, so my colleague called them and they said the money would come to them soon, but several weeks went by without them paying us.”

Hu said the two girls had received a notice to vacate the property. The company had no further contact with them until the police informed them of the death.

He said the unit they lived in had been listed for rent last week and had been renovated, including paint and carpeting.

Claudia Alcroft, the Burwood Police Detective Inspector in charge of the investigation, said police still knew very little about the circumstances that led to their deaths, while Jay Ho explained that police took what they needed from the house and he asked his company to get rid of them. the rest of the furniture.

The Guardian Australia had previously reported that the two girls had applied for asylum in Australia.

In 2019, Israa submitted an application for protection from violence against a man, but this application was later withdrawn.

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