NYC Tells Newly Engaged Woman To “Shut Up”

Like any new bride, Bailey Kenworthy wanted to shout her news from the rooftops of New York.

His mistake was to think New York wouldn’t care.

“I’m engaged, New York!” Texan Bailey Kenworthy, 24, yelled out of an apartment window, unable to contain her glee in a TikTok posted last week.

The answer? A frankly aggressive indifference.

“Shut up, fuck! A cyclist can be heard shouting below.

“I love it here,” she joked into the camera.

The video – captioned “The Most Beautiful City” – racked up 2.1 million views and over 313,000 likes.

“Love that my video is blowing up,” Kenworthy, who works as a patient services specialist for COVID emergency care in the medical branch of the University of Texas, told The Post. “I like it when other people laugh at my jokes.”

“That translates to sister congratulations,” the official Duolingo account commented, referring to New York’s tough love.

“It’s how a New Yorker welcomes himself,” another joked.

Texas natives Miguel (left) and Kenworthy took a trip to Manhattan, where he asked the question.
Courtesy of Bailey Kenworthy

Kenworthy and her fiancé, Miguel, 28, had just visited Manhattan when they drove to DUMBO Pier, where he proposed.

“He played it by putting our camera on a bench and said, ‘Let’s record ourselves posing,'” she said. “As we pose, he then did.”

She shared a celebratory snap on Instagram with the caption “Best. Day. Ever. #Engaged.”

(And yes, she’s wearing a “salt team” hat, she said, because Miguel took her by surprise.)

Although the engagement is still new, the duo have already planned a wedding, potentially in November 2023, if COVID allows it.

Bailey kenworthy
Kenworthy has garnered millions of views and thousands of likes on his TikTok video.
Courtesy of Bailey Kenworthy

Other commentators were quick to make the connection with the show “Friends”, when Monica Geller shouted from her balcony: “I am engaged! I am engaged!”

“Ok Monica,” someone else wrote.

“It gives Monica vibes,” said another.

Despite comparisons between the TV show’s iconic scene and Kenworthy’s post, she said the idea was “100% original.”

“Friends is hilarious,” she said. “I love it here, [it] was my whole vibe the whole week we were in NYC no matter how unfriendly someone acted.


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