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A Jane’s Walk called Toronto Does it have a main street? It will kick off at Stanley G. Grizzle Park (on Main Street just north of Danforth Avenue) on the evening of Friday, May 6. Several Jane walks are planned for East Toronto this weekend.

Several Jane rides are planned for this weekend in the East Toronto area.

Jane’s Walks is held in honor of long-time Torontonian, activist and urban planner Jane Jacobs, and celebrates the communities that make up the city.

Locally planned walks include:

• Give me a place to sit and people watch on May 6 from noon to 1:30 pm It begins at Brick Obelisk on the northwest corner of Dundas Street East and Carlaw Avenue, and is run by James Burton.

• Does Toronto have a main street? on May 6 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm It begins at Stanley Grizzle Park, on Main Street across the street from the main subway station, and will be led by Sarah Dewar.

• $17 per download: Prince Edward Lavatory, Riverdale Park, Don Jail and return May 7 from 10 am to noon. It starts outside the Broadview tube station and will be run by Richard Longley.

• Public Art at Beaches East York on May 7 from 2 pm to 5:30 pm It begins outside the Coxwell tube station and will be led by Adam Smith. This walk will be divided into three parts with a focus on public art on The Danforth, Kingston Road and Queen Street East. Participants will transit between some of the areas and there will be breaks in between.

• Transit Dream or Nightmare: Tour the proposed Ontario Line in South Riverdale on May 7 from 2 pm to 4 pm It begins at 410 Pape Ave. and will be led by Paul Young.

• World Maze Day – Scarborough Blue Zone on May 7th from 7:15 pm to 8 pm It begins on the traffic island at Teesdale Place, just west of Pharmacy Avenue, and will be run by HiMY SYeD.

• The Road to Privatization of the Park on May 8 from 2-3 pm Begins at the Balmy Beach Club, at the foot of Beech Avenue, and will be led by Adam Smith.

• Beach Condominium Development on May 8 from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm Begins at 1960 Queen St. E. (at Kenilworth Avenue) and will be led by Adam Smith.

For more information on Jane’s Walk and a list of scheduled walks and more details about them, visit

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