Novak Djokovic was not guaranteed to enter Australia, government lawyers say

Novak Djokovic has not received assurances from the federal government that his exemption from entering Australia without being vaccinated will be accepted, government lawyers said in court records ahead of a hearing on Monday.

The tennis star is fighting to overturn a Home Office decision to cancel his visa because he had not received a COVID-19 vaccine.

Djokovic’s legal team said the Serbian player had an assessment from the department that his responses on his travel declaration indicated that he met the conditions for entry without quarantine into the country.

But the government communication, released late Sunday evening, said the ministry’s email was no assurance “that his so-called ‘medical exemption’ would be accepted,” and his responses could be questioned and verified at His arrival.

“There is no insurance of entry of a non-national in Australia. Rather, there are criteria and conditions for entry, as well as reasons for refusal or cancellation of a visa,” said Communication.

“The department’s email indicated that the applicant’s responses to his Australian traveler statement indicated that he qualified for a ‘quarantine’ trip to Australia.

“But that says nothing about the power of the Minister (or his delegate) to question those answers, the evidence on which they were based, and to conclude that a power of annulment was activated under the law at his arrival in Australia. “

He also challenged Djokovic’s request for a medical exemption from Australia’s vaccination requirements on the grounds that he contracted COVID-19 in mid-December.

“There is no indication that the claimant suffered from ‘severe and acute illness’ in December 2021. All he said was that he tested positive for COVID-19,” the statement read. government.

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ABC / Reuters


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