North Korea launches first missiles of the new year

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The South Korean military said on Wednesday that North Korea fired an unidentified projectile into the sea, during Pyongyang’s first missile test of the new year.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff in Seoul said in a statement that the projectile was fired from the east coast of the peninsula towards the sea, without giving further details immediately.

In 2021, North Korea announced that it had successfully conducted a series of missile tests, including the launch of a “new type” of ballistic missile from a submarine, a missile of long range cruise and hypersonic missile from a train.

This new missile test comes at a time when North Korea has not responded to the invitation made by the United States to have talks between the two countries.

At an important meeting of the ruling party in North Korea last week, leader Kim Jong-un pledged to continue building the military capabilities of his country, which is subject to severe international sanctions.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has repeatedly announced its willingness to meet with North Korean officials anywhere, anytime, and without preconditions, as part of efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, but Pyongyang has refused.

Pyongyang is subject to international sanctions as part of its nuclear and ballistic programs, which made great strides under Kim Jong-un.

And North Korea has been banned by UN Security Council resolutions from developing its nuclear or ballistic arsenal, but it is mocking this ban, which has brought it back with multiple international sanctions.

In 2017, the UN Security Council, at the initiative of the administration of US President Donald Trump, issued three resolutions imposing severe economic sanctions on Pyongyang after carrying out nuclear and missile tests.

North Korea has so far shown no willingness to give up its arsenal, which it says it needs to defend against any attack from Washington, Seoul’s ally, which is deploying around 28,500 troops in South Korea to protect it from its neighbor to the north.

And talks on the nuclear issue between North Korea and the United States have been suspended since the failure of a summit held in Hanoi in 2019 between Kim and then US President Donald Trump, against a backdrop of requested concessions. in Pyongyang in exchange for easing sanctions.

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