New York jails punished 1,600 based on faulty drug tests, report says

He also found that the contract with the company most likely violated procurement guidelines, and that the department “failed to exercise due diligence in contracting with Microgenics for its drug testing systems, do not understanding that these tests were only preliminary screening tests “.

During the eight-month period, more than 1,600 prisoners were punished for drug tests statewide, including 140 who were subjected to solitary confinement, resulting in complaints from inmates of statewide, Ms. Lang said.

Prisoners’ Legal Services of New York, an advocacy group, raised concerns from four incarcerated people who said they were sanctioned on the basis of false positives to the department in June 2019. Later that summer, the department sent six positive test samples from other prisoners. to another company for retesting, and five came back negative.

The ministry then reported its findings to the Inspector General’s office. He then decided to erase more than 2,500 disciplinary files based on faulty drug tests.

Karen L. Murtagh, executive director of New York Prisoner Legal Services, said the impact of the sanctions was hard to overstate.

“The psychological and physical damage caused by solitary confinement, the loss of family visits, the lack of appropriate programs, the loss of employment and education opportunities, all of which contribute to the fight against recidivism,” added the ledger that we as a society need to consider, ”she said.

Bianca Tylek, executive director of Worth Rises, an advocacy group that seeks to dismantle the prison industry, said the report illustrated the problems inherent in allowing private companies to profit from incarceration. She called for a more thorough review of detention contracts.

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