New restrictions; NSW Health will count RAT tests without the need for PCR

In addition, Mr Perrottet said NSW’s existing vaccination mandates for high-risk workers will soon incorporate booster shots.

“The Minister of Health is working on it right now, but this announcement today will ensure that, whether it is our teachers, nurses, our frontline health and disability workers, where NSW Health has already required compulsory vaccination for some front-line staff. , which we will move on to the boosters included as part of this fully vaccinated determination, ”said Perrottet,


The changes came after modeling from NSW Health showed up to 6,000 people could be hospitalized with COVID-19 by the end of the month, a worst-case scenario based on New York’s experience with Omicron.

If the current settings are applied, authorities predict that more than 4,500 people will be hospitalized by the end of the month. Under the conditions observed in London, there would be more than 3,000 hospitalized in the same place.

“Based on this information at this point – and again, this is a pattern and we will have to continue to monitor it – we believe that by mid-February we will certainly have passed the peak of this. situation, ”said NSW Health Deputy. said Secretary Susan Pearce. “We expect this peak to occur between the third and the last week of January… we have tough weeks ahead of us.”

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