New noise laws will give Toronto an extra hour of sleep every day of the week

Get ready for an extra hour of restful sleep on weekdays, as the Toronto City Council has just passed new restrictions on when workers can wake you up with raucously loud electrical devices.

The City Council is also accelerating plans to address excessive vehicle noise and illegally modified vehicles, a frequent source of complaints in residential neighborhoods.

As of summer 2022, crews with electrical devices such as leaf blowers, lawn mowers, lawn trimmers, and chainsaws can legally wake you from 7 a.m. Monday through Friday and are allowed until 7 p.m.

But starting in September, the noise restrictions will change to start at 8am, which means a guaranteed extra hour of sleep on weekdays. Weekend and holiday restrictions will remain unchanged, restricted before 9am

The city is also moving forward with plans to submit a request to the provincial government that would tighten rules on vehicle noise and add penalties for inconsiderate drivers.

This includes a request for fines and demerit points for modified exhaust and unnecessary vehicle noise violations under the Highway Traffic Law, stricter regulations such as periodic exhaust inspections, and regulatory changes needed to proceed with a pilot project of automatic application of noise/camera activated by noise.

The City Council is in talks with the Toronto Police Services Board regarding vehicle control bombings and talks about equipping police officers with sound level meters.

“Excessive vehicle noise, which in most cases is the result of vehicles that have been deliberately modified to generate such noise, is a major nuisance to residents in many Toronto neighborhoods,” Mayor John Tory.

“I strongly support today’s Council decisions and remain committed to working with staff, the Toronto Police Service and the Government of Ontario to address excessive vehicle noise and other related concerns, such as speeding and driving. acrobatic”.

Going forward, the city plans to launch a comprehensive review of its noise ordinance next year and will consult the public on issues including the introduction of a sound level limit for idling cars, noise-triggered cameras and the impacts of noise. on the health of city residents. .

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