Natalie Hall Reveals Little-Known Fact About Hallmark Movies While Promoting ‘Road Trip Romance’

Natalia’s roomHallmark’s new movie with corey sever premieres tonight!

The two actors have teamed up to road trip romancewhich debuts at 8 pm on May 14 on the Hallmark Channel.

While promoting the film in a video interview, Natalie revealed a little-known fact not only about his movie, but about many Hallmark movies.

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While speaking to the Hallmarkies Podcast, Natalie was asked about a chemistry read and she shared that not many Hallmark movies actually have a chemistry read between the two leads.

“There’s no chemistry reading with my co-star, unless it’s something other than one of these movies. That’s usually for TV shows and pilots and all that.”

Here is a summary for road trip romance: Megan (Living) loves her sister Blair who is getting married in three days in Wichita. As a maid of honor, Margo needs to be there for the bachelorette party, the rehearsal dinner, and the big event…but her trip is met with a disastrous parade of events.

With her travels Alden (Sevier), who was a constant thorn in their side in high school, where they competed in everything from debate club to cheer team. Alden needs to go to Wichita for his father’s retirement celebration. Traveling together, they gradually realize how much they have in common and how that high school rivalry masked a strong mutual attraction.

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