Mordialloc shooting, Mill Park stabbing: Mum, 6-year-old daughter killed

Horrific details of the alleged murder of a six-year-old girl and her mother have emerged after a deadly night of violence in Melbourne.

Disturbing details of the stabbing death of a Melbourne mother and her young daughter have emerged with police revealing the critically injured woman ran to a neighbor desperate for help.

Poonam Sharma and her six-year-old daughter Vanessa were killed after her husband Prabhal Sharma, 40, allegedly attacked them with a knife.

The tragedy unfolded at the family home in Mill Park, northeast of the city, on Thursday evening, hours after emergency services were initially called to the address.

The taxi driver allegedly stabbed Poonam and Vanessa while their ten-year-old daughter Angela miraculously escaped the scene without physical injury.

Police revealed on Friday that a seriously injured Ms Sharma rushed to a neighbor for help after the attack and was allegedly chased by her husband.

Detective Inspector Dean Thomas said Mr Sharma cut himself when approached by police.

He is currently hospitalized under police surveillance.

“What we believe is that our 39-year-old victim fled from his address to neighbors asking for help and so we believe there is blood there,” the statement said. Inspector Thomas.

He said the man was known to police before the alleged double murder.

“It’s still very early days,” he said.

“Part of our investigation is to really understand the motive, the reasoning. We talk to several people. We are very keen to speak to him once he has been cleared by hospital staff.

Ms Sharma died at the scene while her daughter Vanessa died in hospital on Friday morning.

Neighbor Abdul Husseini was in a park when his wife told him of the horrific scene outside their home, as the mother-of-two screamed as she tried to help her youngest daughter.

“They were crying and calling for help – there was no one on the street. The woman came out covered in blood,’ he told the Herald Sun.

Another neighbour, Christine, said she ran outside when she heard a scream and claimed to have seen a man “with knife in hand” in the front yard.

The crime follows another violent attack unrelated to Mordialloc in which two men were shot dead.

Police and emergency services responded to reports of gunfire at a McDonald St address after 9 p.m.

Both people died at the scene.

A witness said he greeted a group of elderly residents as they left the property, moments before seeing an elderly man shoot the group.

The man said he then went to a nearby police station and reported the shooting.

Another man was taken into custody. Police are not looking for anyone else in connection with the incident.

Meanwhile, a man has died in a house fire in Melbourne’s southeastern suburb of Endeavor Hills.

The fire was extinguished Thursday at 6:30 p.m.

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