Modern science of infrared technology and age-old practice mix in infrared sauna

DOWNERS GROVE, Illinois – With the cold and dark winter months approaching, why not change up your routine and try something different for a New Years resolution?

An infrared sauna experience at Perspire in Downers Grove combines centuries-old traditional sauna practice with the modern science of infrared technology and light therapy. It works by removing harmful UV rays from the sun, infrared saunas provide a safe and restorative sweat session that penetrates deep into the skin, muscles, joints and tissues. It helps increase circulation, speed up oxygen tracking, and rid the body of harmful toxins.

“Traditional sauna studios heat the sauna itself, which heats the air in the room, which slowly enters the body. With full spectrum infrared we use three different wavelengths and those wavelengths penetrate the skin at the cellular level, ”said owner Steve Braverman.

Perspiration Sauna Studio

At Perespire, infrared sauna studios use near, medium and far infrared waves that gently heat the body from within. The cooler temperature of an infrared sauna allows for a longer session and increased therapeutic benefits make it a great alternative to a traditional sauna.

The whole experience leaves users refreshed and recovered while giving the body the illusion of doing a cardio workout. It has also been shown to help with Seasonal Affective Disorder. To learn more about the experience, click here.

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