Miley Cyrus, Pete Davidson Hilariously Confess Their Secrets

Miley Cyrus and Pete Davidson aren’t as wild as you might think! In a pre-recorded skit that originally aired on their New Years special on December 31, they admit to themselves that they’re not the revelers everyone assumed they are. “You can’t tell anyone, I’ve never really smoked weed before,” Miley admits to Pete. Another bomb? Their tattoos are fake! “These are like stickers that I buy from Claire’s,” says Miley. “I’m not even from Staten Island,” Pete jokes, referring to his 2020 autobiographical drama, The King of Staten Island. Oh, and Miley prefers book clubs to dance clubs. They’re obviously kidding, if you haven’t figured it out yet.

Over the last few seconds, Miley and Pete reflect on what this must be like for Saweetie, who they describe as “a bad bitch but like for real.” Then, the camera passes to the rapper “Icy Chain” knitting quietly in his dressing room. “Hey, do you want to do something crazy? She asks timidly her fellow rapper 24kGoldn, to which he replies: “What do you have in mind?” Saweetie then pulls out a crossword and a file. . . pen, you know, to spice things up. Moral of the story? Never judge a book by its cover! Check out the fun clip above.

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