Menna Shalabi’s lawyer responds to his “sadism” with two nurses…here is the full story

Saeed Mostafa Hanafi, the lawyer for the artist, Menna Shalaby, has denied the accusations made by the artist, Menna Shalaby, and widely publicized by two nurses about the inhuman treatment inflicted by the famous Egyptian artist.

Saeed Mustafa confirmed that it was completely wrong: “Mena Shalabi was not present with them at home in the first place. How can I put them on the ground? Secondly, the company with which a contract was contracted is responsible for meeting all their requirements and provided them with all their needs.

He pointed out that the artist preferred not to talk about the issue on social networks, to take into account sanitary conditions and respect for her: “She does not want to enter into controversy”, stressing that the artist has decided to leave the matter to the prosecution.

In her statements, Hanafi explained, “Because of the artist’s mother, Menna, I decided to contract with a private company to provide good health care to take care of her health, noting that the The company has already provided a staff of nurses: “They operate a system of shifts”, and provided them with all the means that help them provide good health care to the artist’s mother.

He explained that “two crew nurses caused a fatal medical error, according to the El Gouna hospital report”, pointing out that the artist, Menna Shalaby, due to her busy work, always communicates with the two nurses to check on her mother’s health. health, but the two nurses completely concealed the medical error they caused for four days, which caused It is easily treatable.

The actress’s lawyer, Menna Shalaby, said she decided to file a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office, not because of the idea of ​​​​medical error, but because they had hidden the deterioration of her condition from her. her mother’s health condition because of them, explaining that she informed the company that contracted with her about the medical error and based on that she decided to file a report.

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