Melania Trump’s 2022 Resolution: Grift Like There’s No Tomorrow

When Melanie Trump announced last month that it was entering the NFT business, starting with a digital “watercolor” of its eyes, then expanding its offering to include other non-fungible tokens for sale through a “one-time auction”. kind of historical importance ”, ours and the initial response from many people was“ What? When did the former first lady ever express an iota of interest in blockchain technology? Why was it flooding the universe? of portraits of his icy gaze? What happened?

Of course, we quickly realized that it all made perfect sense, as this was another Trump classic. On the one hand, as The Independent wrote at the time, it was (and remains) “unclear exactly how much value NFT investors are getting for their money.” On the other hand, although a press release noted that part of the proceeds from the sale “would help children exit the foster care system through economic empowerment and expanded access to the resources necessary to excel. in the fields of information technology and technology. , “Melania and company have not said exactly how large this portion will be, and the former first lady’s office has chosen not to respond to The Washington Post‘s questions about the actual figure. In other words, it is entirely possible that a significant portion of the proceeds will go directly to Melania Trump, which would be in line with Donald trumpThe charity perspective, which has always involved bold claims “that don’t always add up” and “consistently illegal conduct”.

Either way, Mel is at it again. By CNN:

Melania Trump announced Tuesday morning that she is hosting an auction of the white hat she wore when France’s first family, the Macrons, visited the White House in 2018. In a statement from her office, Trump said declared that in addition to the hat, the auction lot will include a watercolor of Marc-Antoine Coulon– a French artist who caught her eye to her NFT last month – as well as what the statement defines as “an exclusive NFT digital artwork with movement”. The NFT, the second Trump sold in less than a month, features the hat design with some animation. Trump’s office says part of the proceeds will go to an initiative that is part of the former first lady’s Be Best program, but it’s unclear how much will be donated…. All three items will have an opening bid of $ 250,000, and auctions will only be accepted through SOL, a form of cryptocurrency.

While the White Hat is certainly a piece of history, it’s not necessarily the kind that screams “BE BEST, KIDS”. As CNN reminds us, it was worn in April 2018, “a handful of weeks after the scandalous headlines about the former president’s alleged extramarital affair.” Again, this is probably more appropriate than fundraising through the “I really don’t care” program. Are you? ”Jacket the former first lady wore on a trip to visit a detention center housing 55 migrant children.

CNN said it “has repeatedly sought clarification from Trump’s spokesperson on the” portion of the proceeds “” that will go to charity, requests that have apparently gone unanswered. A statement regarding the auction says Melania “will award the first round of scholarships to grantees in the first quarter of 2022,” although more details on the scholarships have yet to be revealed. In related news, remember when The Washington Post reported that Donald Trump offered a grieving military father $ 25,000 and said he would ask his staff to set up an online fundraiser for the family, which did not happen and then months later, the man received a check dated the day the To post story was published? I don’t know what made us think of that. Anyway, happy bidding!


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