Mass Shooting in Buffalo – The New York Times

A gunman espousing a white supremacist ideology opened fire yesterday afternoon at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood of Buffalo, killing 10 people and wounding three more. The mass shooting was the deadliest in the United States this year and is among a string of racist attacks in recent years.

The suspect, 18-year-old Payton S. Gendron, drove more than 200 miles to stage the attack and broadcast it live as he shot shoppers and store employees. He was arrested at the store and pleaded not guilty in a brief court appearance.

Around the same time, a manifesto attributed to him appeared online, repeatedly invoking the racist idea that white Americans were at risk of being replaced by people of color. The view is known as “replacement theory” and was once linked to the far-right fringe, but has become increasingly mainstream.

The victims included a security guard and an 86-year-old mother of four who stopped at the store on her way home after visiting her husband at the nursing home where he lives.

Around 2:30 pm, as shoppers filled Tops supermarket, the suspect arrived wearing bulletproof vest, tactical gear and a helmet with a video camera attached. He was carrying an assault rifle with an anti-Black slur written on the barrel and began firing into the parking lot. Three victims died outside and one was injured.

The suspect then entered the store to continue his attack, briefly exchanging fire with the security guard before killing him. He continued to stalk victims throughout the store; “There were bodies everywhere,” a witness said.

Shonnell Harris, a store manager, told The Buffalo News that he heard approximately 70 shots and ran through the Tops, falling repeatedly before escaping out the back.

The gunman eventually returned to the front of the store. By this time, the police had arrived, and he briefly put a gun to his neck before beginning to remove his tactical gear as a form of surrender and was tackled to the ground by police.

Of the 13 people who were shot, 11 were black and two were white. Four worked at Tops grocery store. Few have been publicly identified.

The slain security guard was a former police officer, “a hero in our eyes,” said Joseph A. Gramaglia, the Buffalo police commissioner.

Ruth Whitfield, 86, was a mother of four and “a mother to orphans,” her son told The News. Her husband had moved into a nursing home years ago and she still visited him every day. She had just visited him when she stopped in Tops for a bite to eat, reported WGRZ.

The attack appeared to be inspired by previous mass shootings motivated by racial hatred, including a mosque shooting in New Zealand in 2019 and a massacre at a Texas Walmart that same year, according to the manifesto.

In chilling detail, the document outlined a plan to kill as many black people as possible, including the type of weapon to use, a timetable, a specific parking spot and where to eat in advance.

Gendron wrote that he chose the supermarket area because it was home to the largest percentage of black residents near his home in southern New York, who were mostly white. Police had surrounded his home outside Binghamton, New York, overnight.

“It was a racially motivated hate crime,” said John Garcia, the local sheriff.

Federal law enforcement officials said they were investigating the shooting as a hate crime. The next court proceeding was set for Thursday.

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