Live Australian News Update: NSW Reportedly Reintroduces Covid Restrictions, Home Affairs Minister Defends Djokovic Visa Decision | Australia News

But there’s no way they’re going to flip that curve … it’s going to take a few weeks to get to that top, and so, we just have to prepare.

We need to cancel elective surgery. It’s coming. We need to make sure that as many healthcare workers are available as possible, and we need to make sure everyone in the community knows how to take care of their health when they catch Covid, because that’s not going to go to a ward emergency room, unless you are very, very ill. If you are moderately ill, you probably need to be in contact with your GP.

But for the majority of people with mild illness, you don’t need a doctor. You just need to go to HealthDirect website, check symptom checker, manage your own health, so medical resources are there for those who … are struggling with more severe symptoms.

The reality is that our hospitals are under extraordinary pressure, and the long-suffering staff who have had a very difficult few years, instead of taking a break Christmas, they have had their leave canceled and they are faced with a huge demand at the front door of the emergency room as their colleagues, colleagues, other doctors, other nurses, fall ill, must stay at home. home and caring for sick children.

And you hear stories of departments with half or even less than half of their normal number of nurses available … So it’s almost a perfect pressure storm. And it is simply not true to say that our healthcare system is so resilient that it can cope with anything. There are limits, unfortunately.


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