‘Lines that have become blurred’

Thursdays Jimmy Kimmel Live!Kevin Hart weighed in on Dave Chappelle recently being attacked on stage. During the Chappelle netflix is ​​a joke festival, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee allegedly came onstage and accosted the comedian.

“I think that’s the world we’re in right now,” Hart said. “There are many lines that have become blurred. And sometimes you have to take a few steps back to take a few steps forward. I think that moment we just witnessed with Dave is like mistaking a bigger moment.”

Hart was referring to Chappelle’s historic four-day festival sales, which were the highest ever by a comedian. He also tied the Monty Python performance record with 70,000 attendees.

“Dave came back after that and finished doing the show,” Hart said proudly. “I didn’t let that thing be a big deal. He quickly moved on from that and went back to doing comedy. And that’s what a professional does. Ultimately, you know, these moments of unprofessionalism shouldn’t ruin professionals.”

Even though Lee was carrying a fake gun that had a real knife in it during the alleged attack, he has only been charged with misdemeanors. The moment was captured on video, and the suspect can be seen accosting Chappelle and then trying to evade security to no avail.

The suspect appeared beaten after being arrested. In fact, he left in an ambulance. Hart praised Chappelle’s security in deterring future attackers.

“Someone who gets beat up sends a message to other people, you know?” Hart said. “I was thinking about doing that, but after seeing that, I don’t want to do that.”

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