Lavrov talks about two ‘red lines’ on Ukraine


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stressed that there are two “red lines” for Moscow with regard to Ukraine, warning of the consequences of NATO’s military intervention in the Donbass conflict .

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SV Lavrov: There's no point in predicting Russia's response if the West rejects its security initiatives

Commenting on the possibility of Ukraine joining NATO, Lavrov told the annual press conference in Moscow today, Friday, that Russia categorically rejects the alliance’s approach to its borders and sees it as a “true red line”.

“Even if Ukraine remains outside NATO, there may be possible bilateral agreements with the Americans, British and other Western countries that establish military installations and bases on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. ‘Azov,” Lavrov added.

He continued: “It is also unacceptable for us, because the deployment of offensive weapons on the territory of our neighbors, such as Ukraine, which poses a threat to Russia, is another red line.”

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Moscow: thousands of NATO military advisers work in the Donbass and Kiev is preparing for a military operation

Lavrov noted that ‘hundreds’ of US and UK military personnel are in Ukraine, while the West’s supply of arms to Ukraine represents ‘additional temptation’ for Kiev to resort to the use of force to resolve the conflict in the Donbass.

Lavrov warned that the participation of Western coaches in the conflict in Donbass is completely unacceptable, and that it will “cross red lines”, because it will mean “a direct confrontation between Russians of Ukrainian nationality on the one hand, and NATO soldiers, on the other.”

Source: “Novosti”

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