Labor’s Marion Scrymgour and Country’s Liberal Party’s Damien Ryan competed for Lingiari’s NT seat

The outcome of the election in Lingiari, a bush seat, remains on a knife edge as Labor tries to fend off a concerted effort by the country’s Liberals to reclaim the Northern Territory’s vast electorate for the first time.

The traditionally secure Labor seat was held by veteran MP Warren Snowdon for the past two decades, but his decision to step down before the election gave the country’s Liberals an opportunity to seize it.

When the count ended on Saturday night, Labor candidate Marion Scrymgour was a fraction ahead, with a projected two-candidate preference vote of 50.9 percent.

His CLP rival Damien Ryan was forecast to get 49.1 per cent of the count.

Scrymgour’s minimum margin is significantly lower than Snowdon’s result in 2019, when he won the seat by a 5.5 per cent margin.

“It’s still very close and we will continue to count,” Ms Scrymgour told supporters in Alice Springs.

Lingiari was in the hands of veteran Labor MP Warren Snowdon for more than two decades.(ABC News: Samantha Jonscher)

Ms. Scrymgour suggested that the result may not be known until next week.

In a speech to the CLP faithful at the Red Centre, Damien Ryan also acknowledged the narrow margin.

“At this stage, we don’t know where Lingiari stands,” he said.

“We have put up a very big fight,” he said.

Crowd looking at the screen.
People gather in Alice Springs with Marion Scrymgour on election night. (ABC News: Xavier Martin)

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