Labor MP shares a grim assessment of what has happened in the UK at the hands of Boris Johnson

The Labor Party’s Peter Kyle offered a stark insight into what happened to the UK under Boris Johnson’s leadership on Thursday night, while appearing on BBC Question Time.

As Northern Ireland Shadow Secretary, Kyle attacked the Prime Minister for his handling of Northern Ireland’s partygate, economy and protocol in a minute and a half speech.

Kyle said, “A leader’s first and only duty is to make sure that the overall culture is correct and that the culture is delivering the results they need to do so.

“Boris Johnson failed at that.”

It alleged that the publication of the Sue Gray report, the internal investigation into Downing Street parties that took place during the lockdown, proves that Johnson “lies, is reckless and incompetent”.

The official blamed “senior leadership” at the top of the government for the serial breach of Covid rules and Johnson said he took full responsibility for everything that happened, even though he was allegedly unaware of just how much. of control these games became during a deadly pandemic.

Kyle continued: “The reason this is so important is if we now look at how our country is being run, the fact that our international reputation is being destroyed, the fact that protocol is not being adhered to and negotiations are not taking place. solving. .”

The Northern Ireland Protocol, which the prime minister negotiated in 2019, caused an impasse in Stormont this month. Unionists refuse to sit in devolved government until Johnson steps in to prevent the country from feeling so cut off from the rest of the UK.

Kyle then noted: “There are almost seven million people waiting for treatment on the NHS, no more than here in Northern Ireland.

“We have 56,000 people who are victims of serious crimes who are waiting for their day in court [and] we have an economy with low growth, high taxes, high interest rates.”

He stated that all this is due to the person who runs the country.

“That’s why what we see in the Sue Gray report, what we now know for sure, about the behavior and the way the leader of our country works, is actually having an enormous impact,” Kyle explained. “Not just in the culture at No.10, but in the way our country is run and is perceived as a country around the world.

“Our country deserves better and we will not improve until Boris Johnson is gone.”

His words came at a time when Johnson’s time at No. 10 looks once again shaky, with a number of Conservative MPs coming forward to call for his resignation.

The clip also came hours after former Tory leadership hopeful Rory Stewart ripped apart the prime minister and his government on ITV’s Good Morning Britain show.

Addressing new Treasury measures aimed at reducing the cost of living crisis (announced the day after the Gray report was released), Stewart suggested that Downing Street was in trouble.

“They will not make basic decisions,” he said.

“They are not going to lower VAT on fuel, which is essential to save people’s lives.

“And the reason they won’t make these decisions is because they’re fighting, day in and day out, against these starters.

“All of Downing Street is about one thing, which is the survival of the Prime Minister.

“They are sacrificing everything, the country, the party, their careers, to try to keep this monstrous ego floating around number 10.”

He said Johnson’s ability to downplay mistakes makes you feel like an “aggrieved partner” but that these problems “stack up to make our country feel like Berlusconi’s Italy.”

Silvio Berlusconi served as Italian prime minister for a total of nine years, known for his populist policies.

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