Labor government promises community battery for Brimbank

By Matthew Sims

Brimbank would move towards using more renewable energy, under a funding commitment from the Albanian Labor government for a community battery.

Fraser MP Dr Daniel Mulino, Brimbank Councilors and Tarneit MP Sarah Connolly visited the Kororoit Creek Neighborhood House on Friday 6 May to announce that an Albanian Labor government would fund the installation of a community battery .

Dr. Mulino said the community battery would provide around 500 kilowatt hours of storage that can support up to 250 local homes.

“Labor’s Brimbank Community Battery will provide affordable and reliable storage to unlock more renewable energy, lowering energy bills and helping local households and community groups go 100% renewable, even when the sun isn’t shining,” he said.

“Only an Albanian Labor government will cut emissions while lowering energy prices and working towards a better future for all Australians.”

Brimbank Mayor Jasmine Nguyen said the community battery would cater to the needs of the local community and allow residents to take advantage of renewable energy storage opportunities.

“This community battery is a sign of things to come as we transition our community to be a climate-friendly, all-electric municipality powered by renewable energy,” he said.

“Our 100% Renewable Brimbank program is a free City Council service that connects all residents with resources, personalized support and financial incentives to help make the switch to all-electric appliances powered by 100% renewable energy. ”

The battery would absorb excess renewable energy generated by home solar panels, as well as store energy produced by panels in municipal buildings or by solar panels.

A Labor government would hand over the battery project as part of the Labor Party’s ‘Power to the People’ plan, which would invest $200 million to install 400 community batteries across the country.

Under the bill, a Labor government would also co-ordinate with Brimbank council, the local community and power distributors to finalize details and determine a suitable location for the battery.

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