Kevin Kiley Warns California Is a ‘Preview’ of Biden’s America

Kevin Kiley, a Trump-backed congressional candidate for California’s 3rd district, joined Breitbart News Saturday on SiriusXM with host Matthew Boyle and warned that the Biden administration is emulating California’s disastrous policies.

Kiley commented that this midterm election cycle was about answering the central question: “Are us going for Follow for Go below East disastrous path that Joseph Biden it is taking us” – that “we have a preview here in California” – or are we going to go back to the Trump-era policies that gave us a secure border, that gave us the largest economy the nation has ever had” and “what gave us safe communities?”

Host Matthew Boyle commented that Kiley has been “battle tested” since his time in the Republican minority in Sacramento as a member of the California State Assembly, before noting that he will have to fight “the RINOs there in Washington as well” and asking how the candidate will bring what they learned in California to DC

Kiley stated that “if we get the majority, which I think we will, in Congress, that’s not enough. We need to have the right kind of majority, the majority of the majority that is really going to do things to rein in the Biden administration and reverse the damage that it is causing.”

The Trump-backed candidate also addressed the need to fight while in the minority, explaining that after forcing a vote on California’s gas tax multiple times, “a number of Democrats have come out and said they support suspending the gas tax.” gasoline”.

Kiley noted that California represents “everything that Joseph Biden it is hard for make for our country”, stating that “the problems that everyone from America are seer California has Already condition experiencing.” In California, “Scarcity is almost like a fact of life”, highlighting the mismanagement of water and energy, which have resulted in continuous blackouts and represent the “total failure of liberal and progressive politics”.

Boyle also discussed the ongoing crisis at our southern border and stated that we can fix it if politicians “build a barrier, that is, the wall, to stop the flow of people” and “put in due legal procedures.” Kiley noted that the way to fix the illegal immigration crisis is to do “the exact opposite of what California has been doing,” noting that the Golden State has actually encouraged illegal immigration. before warning listeners “What Biden is trying to do in America, Gavin Newsom has already done in California.”

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