Kazakhstan .. Impose a curfew in the cities of Alma-Ata and Mangistau

AFP Andrea Verdelli

Kazakh President Kassym Zumart Tokayev – archives

Kazakh President Kassym-Zumart Tokayev has announced a curfew in the cities of Alma-Ata and the Magistau region.

The text of the presidential decree stated: “Impose a curfew in the district of Mangistau and the city of Alma-Ata from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m., and grant the administration of the city of Alma-Ata the powers stipulated in the emergency law of the Republic. “

He added: “The entry and exit of Alma-Ata for a period of two weeks will be limited.

He continued: “Take the measures and restrictions in force in emergency situations, including restricting the movement of vehicles.”

The decree includes a ban on recreational and sporting gatherings and other mass events and a ban on strikes.

Tokayev also decided to temporarily confiscate arms and ammunition from individuals, to ban the sale of arms, ammunition, explosives, special means and toxic substances, and to establish a special system for the circulation of narcotics, psychotropic substances and alcoholic beverages.

Source: “TASS”

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